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Trucking Magazine - Truckmate Pro Product Review - Test Winner

We took the latest truck-specific satellite navigations aids out on the road for our in-depth GPS shootout by Andy Stewart

Snooper Truckmate was one of the first dedicated truck sat navson the market, and it has built up a reputation over the last few years as an exceptional device for HGV drivers.
Topping the list of features is the bright and clear extra-large 7″ LCD. It's by far the largest in this test and it's natural home is in the cab - so don't plan to stick it in your car window unless you want to suffer a fairly big blindspot. Planning a mulit-stop route is a cinch, and entering destination information is painless thanks to an extra-large onscreenkeyboard and a good level of responsiveness from the controls.

Routing (based on Navteq mapping) is first-class, and during our tests the device was able to avoid every width, height and weight restriction we threw at it. We found the new Lane Guidance and Junction View facilities useful when negotiating tricky areas.

The onscreen mapping is easy to follow, and the built-in digital TV (complete with electronic programme guide) delivered via the pull-out aerial is a great addition and works really well in areas with decent reception. All in all, this is a very competent and useful package.

Verdict: 5 Star – Test Winner

We Like: Superb extra-large screen, accurate and very reliable mapping, good level of control responsiveness, large onscreen keyboard, easy to programme multiple waypoints using built-in route planner, integrated TV works surprisingly well.

We Don’t Like: Speaker maybe a bit quiet and could make audible instructions hard to hear in a noisy cab but this has since been improved with the introduction of the Truckmate Pro Sound DB8500 with FM-Transmitter where directional voice alerts can be played through the speakers of the vehicles stereo together with DAB Digital Radio.

Truck & Driver Truckmate Pro Review

Truckmate Wins in Germany

Fernfahrer is a Germany publication printed in German. For non-German speaking viewers we have provided an English translation of the summarising text below followed by a copy of the test as it was originally published.

"The more, the better" – That seems to be the motto of the Snooper development team if you asked them "how would you build the best truck sat nav?". And as a matter of fact, that plan worked.

In addition to the excellent navigation functionality we also find many other beneficial features such as DVB-T Digital TV, MP3 and DAB+ Digital Radio. However even though Truckmate includes many other useful features, its focus is still on the core function of navigating trucks. The Snooper Truckmate Pro Sound convinced during the test with reliable route calculation and it gives well timed, relevant information about truck specific warnings and restrictions. It also shows restriction icons next to the calculated route, which makes the orientation very helpful, should your route change suddenly. Similar to the Tom Tom and Garmin systems, it is possible to connect Truckmate Pro Sound DB8500 to 3rd party telematics systems.

  • Many features
  • Navigation is designed to work well in a Truck
  • Calculates routes takiing in to consideration dangerous goods, hight, weight and lenght restrictions
  • Truck specific routing
  • Truck restrictions are shown clearly on the map view
  • TMC
  • 7"screen
  • DVB-T Digital TV
  • DAB Digital Radio
  • Solid windscreen bracket
  • Optional Reversing camera function
  • Gives visual and audible warnings on time